Since our inception, Global Resources Leadership has been focused on building a strategic global network in a wise synergy between erudite philanthropic organizations and the local diaspora, then influential indigenous leaders of nations to guarantee high impact. 


Although Global Resources Leadership (GRL) is a commodities company based in the USA that has carved out a niche in global commerce via the exporting and importing of Crude Oil and its refined products, specializing in first time, long term contracts for direct funding of local, country wide economic projects, starting with BLCO (the famed 'Bonny Light Crude Oil' from Nigeria which is the top 'blending oil' in the world providing proven 30% more profit margin for refineries and better refined products) as we take it to the Senegal, Las Palmas, Rotterdam, Mediterranean, Cairo, China and India.

We also perform the  comprehensive physical trading of global commodities and their derivatives, from minerals (oil, natural gas, coal, gold and diamonds, etc.) to agricultural commodities (corn, tomato, palm oil, cacao, sugar, peanuts, cassava etc.).

We also lead a consortium of strategic alliances with expertise and relations interested in deploying game changing technologies in an array of business silos for local and global impact with urgency:

       Finances -

  • fine tuned Block Chain Technology to make every man and every organization e-traders with excellence. 

  • creative, high producing use of Trade Instruments for global commerce- importing and exporting.

  • Earth Bank- Rainbow money for collaborative impact on a country targeted for investment by other countries on planet earth specializing in Leadership.


  • NASA technology 5x the speed of Google Fire that features laser line of sight transmission (tall buildings and satellites) that can touch all citizens of a country, rich or poor, rural or city to create an uber service for the selling and buying of all products, goods and services for the entire country; free!

  • Further, we provide custom designed, at your fingertip, glocal (local and global) content dubbed in your preferred language all controlled in your hand. 


  • Proprietary, Proven in Lab and Field, third party validated 'Corn' Agricultural technology (that can be extrapolated to all agricultural products eventually, optimistically) that provides in one year:

  •  100% soil restoration, 2.5x the Volume, 4x the Nutrients, and 100% pest control. 

  •  Plans being made now to deploy in Africa, India and the Middle East for immediate impact to solve the world hunger problem, increase farmer's profits, increase laborers' wages, and provide 2.5x the investment by philanthropic, diaspora and indigenous leaders who care in 4 years; or more than 60% annually to be paid back in 4 years after full market penetration.   


       Minerals -

  • Breakthrough Green technology that makes toxic carbon emissions (coming from Oil, Natural Gas or Coal fired Power Plants) wildly profitable.

  • Prototypes, moving to commercial scaling, proprietary process that can be seen, and fully revealed via Webinar with the Principals and on-site visit with scientists with opportunity to collaboratively own through Private equity play and leveraged loans to build initial plants providing commercial scaling models worldwide. 

  • The proprietary process takes the carbon that usually has to be scrubbed and sequestered at great costs (in order to produce power and not have an adverse environmental impact), and uses this 'carbon feedstock' that is sequestered to feed the proprietary process that uses this feedstock to produce carbonite nanotubes and distilled water.  

  • The one time cost of a $500 million plant (done in $50 million modules/tranches) can produce $15 BILLION in profit annually. 

  • Carbonite Nanotubes are 200x stronger than STEEL, 1000 x the conductivity of COPPER, and a mere fraction of the weight with 425 applications in multiple business silos making it the next and probably first Trillion Dollar company on planet earth.   


       Industrial, Commercial, Residential -

  • We are modeling the collective impact of multiple technologies to collaborate to build the largest skyscraper in the world in Lagos Nigeria: Eko Atlantic 

  • We provide technologies that provide safety, cleanliness and overall health in industrial and manufacturing plants.

  • We provide technologies that can save power costs up to 60% in commercial buildings via electronic/wi-fi control.

  • We provide technologies that can take waste, aka MSW , and turn it into power to use to offset the high power costs in strategic commercial areas of high population.

       Health Care - 

  • We collaborate with multiple countries to provide state of the art Health Care including Hospital Construction, Manage the Hospital and provide clinical extensions for early detection of diseases and widespread dissemination of best medicines. 

  • We collaborate with high level Big Data programs to produce the best support for doctors and surgeons to be increasingly accurate in their diagnoses, remedies, and prognoses for the common man and woman. 

Our intent is to provide not just an economic profit for the transactions but also to have a positive social, environmental and spiritual impact on the development of our partner country/business, for the good of the country and the world.

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